Binar is a smart contract network structure in which you only build two branches.Payments to you go from the entire turnover of the structure regardless of its depth. 
This service is a binary matrix consisting of 3 levels and 10 matrices. Each level opens for you automatically and increases your profit. And each new matrix doubles your income. Join us for the best financial results!

Automatic purchase of each level. It's enough to manually buy only the first level

The term of the contract is 120 days. No penalty for missed days at all

Automatic matrix buyout with double income. The system is fully automated

Binary system. Three levels. Ten matrices. Automatic purchase of each level. Firstly, the income comes to you from the residual arrival of the crypt currency - the next level is automatically bought.
When you reach level 3 and after the first partner with level 3 appears in your structure, the system will automatically redirect you to 2 matrices, where you will have purchased level 1 at once. And thus, up to matrices 10.


In total, the system has 3 levels, that is 14 partners. A small team, with which you can always be in touch

Starting from the third invited partner, you earn 10% at any depth of the system

When you reach level 3 in the matrix, you move to a new one with a doubled income

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